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The Company's major investments in consumer electronics are held and managed through wholly owned subsidiary, PT Agis Electronic. Agis Electronic's distribution business still mainly consists of Sony consumer products that the company has been doing since the 80s. Until today, Agis is one of the authorized distributors of Sony, with its extensive nationwide distribution network, after-sale service network and retail network.

Agis Electronic has two main businesses: distribution and retail. Since the early 90s, it has established more than 15 representative offices in various major cities in Indonesia, overseeing more than 1,000 independent dealers nationwide. This network is the dominant distribution channel in the local market and is mainly used by Sony, Samsung and LG branded products.

Through its subsidiaries (AWP, AWK, AWS, WBA), each company independently manages its dealers and focuses on its performance by area.

In the retail division, Agis owns and operates mall-based retail outlet with more than 2,OOO sqm of display space. Annually, it holds several exhibitions to boost its revenue. It is one of the major -'modern market" retailers for consumer electronics, home appliances and IT computing devices.


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