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Agis Join With CCGM on Gold Mining Sector

 29 Oktober 2012

JAKARTA.- PT Agis Tbk through its subsidiary, Agis Resources, is working hard to strengthen its mining industry by cooperating with China Coal Geology Mining (CCGM) to produce gold in West Sumatra.

Agis pointed China's state-controlled mining company as the exclusive contractor for the production of alluvial and primary gold mining reserves.

Under the cooperation agreement, CCGM will do the production of primary gold deposit. The company also invests in exploration, drilling and infrastructure at the mine site.

Noor Syahriel, Corporate Secretary of Agis, revealed a subsidiary of China National Administration of Coal Geology it will be the exclusive contractor to lead the exploration and drilling investment of primary gold deposit in West Sumatra.

"CCGM have experience on exploration and production in a number of mining contracts in Indonesia. The company is actively involved in the production of coal mining, iron ore, nickel, manganese, gold, song, and asphalt," he said on Thursday (10/25).

According to Noor, mining concession in West Sumatra is estimated to contain good alluvial gold reserve, other than great pimaryr gold reserve.

By partnering with CCGM in the exploration and exploitation of primary gold project, he said, Agis Resources will gain experienced human resources, knowledge and better technical experience.

Besides, he added, networks and investments in CCGM will reduce the risk faced by the company's gold mining project.(T03/msw)



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